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Traveling to any country is incomplete unless you look for the most authentic and the most charismatic features associated with the place. While the natural beauty is always an important feature that will attract you towards the country you are willing to travel to, there are also things to do there which may be unique to it that may make you feel special about visiting the place. If you are considering visiting Wales, then the Heart of Wales is one such unique aspect of this beautiful country that you will find hard to miss.

Heart of Wales is a railway line that connects, as the names suggests, the heartlands of Wales. This railway line runs from Craven Arms in Shropshire and goes all the way till Llanelli in South Wales. Shrewsbury and Swansea are the precisely the endpoints of this 121 miles long train route that covers the beauty of the Welsh Countryside. Earlier known as the Central Wales Line, this railway line goes through some of the most beautiful villages of this country and through the previously popular spa towns.

Discover the magic of Heart of Wales

When you are traveling to the country of Wales, you have to experience a ride in the beautiful Heart of Wales to not just experience the true culture of this country but also to a get a glimpse of its beauty. There are several things you can do while you travel to the beautiful villages that the train takes you through. Most travelers prefer to time their journey on the Heart of Wales in accordance with the local festivals and festivities in the villages and towns it goes through. This is a great idea to enjoy your trip to the locales of Wales while experiencing the natural scenic beauty of the country at its best. You can check several online resources to get an idea on the various local events happening across the heartlands of Wales and schedule you train journey on the Heart of Wales accordingly.

How to get to the Heart of Wales?

In order to get to the Heart of Wales, you will have to reach Craven Arms in Shropshire from where the train begins its journey. To reach here, you can either opt for a car ride or take another train that brings you to the station directly.
There are several connecting stations from the most popular places across UK to help you get to the Craven Arms station. Most people find it more convenient to take a train to reach this point as it is more hassle free that way.
Craven Arms is well connected with the cities of London and other popular stations including Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Fishguard, Hereford, Holyhead and Aberystwyth. Car rides are also quite convenient if you are someone who stays quite close by or in Shropshire.

Heart of Wales will offer you and your family an enriching experience that will leave you wanting for more. Make the best of your Welsh holiday with a ride in the beautiful Heart of Wales.  

Christopher Gould

" Beautiful. That is the only word comes to my mind when I think of my experience in traveling in the Heart of Wales. This train ride made me so calm and rejuvenated when I went through the beautiful country of Wales. Thank you for this experience of a lifetime. "

Finlay Sheppard

" My journey on the Heart of Wales was truly a mesmerizing experience. The beauty of the country can be best experienced through this train. I have throroughly enjoyed this 121 miles long train journey with my family. Thank you for the great experience.  "
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